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Why Is Shopify The Best Platform
For Building Your Online Store?

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a platform that powers millions of online stores. It contributes to establishing those stores, putting them in function, making sure that they are run like a well-oiled machine, and then expanding them. It reduces barriers for people to own their business wholly and fully integrate e-commerce solutions in their projects.


Hudasoft has made extensive use of Shopify tools while providing its services to clients. Their updated features maximize the options for engaging the audience on the website which is a major contributing factor in making it an integral part of our service. Following are some additional benefits of Shopify:

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Free and Captivating Features

Every website has its theme which needs to be in sync with the product or service you are offering. While paying for setting a theme can put a strain on your budget, Shopify automatically loads a free theme on your website which you can customize accordingly. Whether you are a beginner in this field or you have a fully established business, Shopify entertains all kinds of online stores with its endless captivating features. You can choose free fonts, customize color schemes, add professional photos, and make use of other Shopify tools to engage your customers.

Pricing Plan for Everyone

Many innovators hesitate in putting forth their plan as setting up a new business is costly. Shopify considers this an inhibiting factor in showing your potential and therefore, it has created a pricing plan which can suit anyone. Shopify Lite proves to be suitable for people who are tight on budget and if you have a well-established business, then Shopify Plus can be used.

Shopify E-Commerce Online Store Blog Image
Shopify Online Store Ecommerce Blog Image

A Plethora of Apps

Most importantly, Shopify has an App for almost everything in the Shopify App Store. You will discover image background removers, countdown timers, product sourcing apps like Oberlo, and much more. Moreover, while there are paid apps, Shopify also provides you with numerous free ones.

Frequent Support

Shopify does not leave its users alone. Their creators believe in walking side by side with their users and helping them in every stage. Firstly, it has its blogs where all the e-commerce experts share their best tactics. Shopify Academy was created for this specific purpose which offers courses to give you enough space to learn at your own pace. There are Facebook Groups and many customer support reps created by Shopify which are always there to answer any of your queries immediately.

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