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User Experience (UX Designs)
Understanding Core Values

UX is also a spectrum of design, technical knowledge, process, and patterns like any other field of study. What makes the users intrigued by the product? Is the design appealing? What are the users expecting? Did the user requirements and needs meet? UX design is understanding the user’s mind and regenerating those wants into a product that attracts the user and compels the user to use the product. User experience depends upon the product characteristics and receptiveness of that product. User experience is significant as it determines the product’s accomplishment or failure. For example, Magic Mouse 2 by Apple had design faults, and the result led to a bad user experience. The charging port of the rechargeable mouse was at the bottom, and if the user had some emergency task and the mouse was out of battery, the user would have to wait for 2 hours to charge that mouse as the user wouldn’t be able to use it because of the design lapse. A lot depends upon comprehending the users’ requirements and what kind of design will be most fitting and easy to use. UX design has three elemental values:

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Emotional values are how users respond to the services or products. If they perceive a positive impression of it, they will use it more frequently. To achieve the emotional aspect, the designer must keep in view some basic questions:

  • How do the users feel when they use the product?

  • Does it solve the user problems?

  • Do they feel annoyed or frustrated using the service or product?

Solving these problems requires insight into users’ minds and transforming their needs into a solution that is easily accessible.

Utility of the product

This holds a vital place to achieve a positive response from the user. It defines if the product or service is offering any utility to the users. Any measurable outcome confers the utility of the product.

  • Does the service help the user to accomplish any job?

  • What are the outcomes of the product? Do they satisfy users’ needs?

  • How are the outcomes of your products enhancing the users’ essential requirements?

By solving the users’ problems and helping them out in attaining perfect utility outcomes, you can achieve users’ satisfaction.

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Convenient Resolution

The other two values focus on the feeling of the user for a product or service and the fulfillment of essential requirements. This third value makes any service easy to use for the customer. The more convenient it gets for the users, the more they are attracted and fascinated by the service.

  • How easily can a user access the service?

  • How much faster is the process?

  • How often does the user need to enter a similar kind of content?

To achieve an exemplary user design, the designer must think of all three values. A perfect program targets the users’ emotions and helps them do a task more efficiently. An excellent UX model will incorporate the easiness of the process and help the user save time and perform the task more flexibly and accurately.

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