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Our Areas Of Exploration

At Hudasoft, the highly skilled developers believe in providing a satisfactory experience while providing custom-made software solutions. Coming forward with creative, diverse, and innovative web and mobile solutions has been our passion and we have engaged with numerous clients by giving them appropriate pricing, conducting thorough communication, and executing exceptional quality services. Hudasoft offers its services to all business sectors whether they are large enterprises or start-ups. We tend to navigate by using industry-specific knowledge to proceed in making customized websites or Mobile applications which align with customers’ requirements. Our extensive experience in diversified fields refined our skills in customizing our services according to your industry. The sectors we have explored so far are as followed:

Real Estate And Construction Company

Whether you are building luxury condos, large office buildings, or family homes, it is significant to have custom software that can assist you in managing finances and other vital variables.

We got the opportunity to work with an entirely new venture, TopCity-1, which is Pakistan’s most luxurious and first smart housing project. The absence from the digital world was the only thing that inhibited their growth and to remove this obstacle, Hudasoft created its website for connecting the potential and current clients with them. This website articulates all their offers, packages, current projects, and other updates to their customers. As the website alone would not suffice for this vast project, Hudasoft developed their Mobile Application through which their clientele would get prompt updates about properties and can also easily register their complaints

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Financial Industry

With the advancement in technology, financial services companies are at constant risk of losing confidential information. These companies juggle between data security and meeting customers’ expectations to maintain their reputation. Hudasoft’s data analysts and developers, while working with a financial company, ensure to develop software solutions that can provide their clients with a satisfactory experience along with giving them a reliable platform, where securing the database from potential breaches is considered a top priority.

While working with Infi9 Ventures, our main concern mainly revolved around creating and designing a website that was user-friendly and comprehensive. Our developers have organized the data in such a way that provided users with the capacity to navigate through the site easily and get their desired solution conveniently. Initially, this company’s ulterior motive was to target a large audience and with the development of an accessible interface, their website proves to be convenient for use by a wide range of age groups.



While there are numerous website solutions provided in this particular sector, it is a unique presentation of your service which can make you prominent in the digital world. Where the energy is generated from and how the bridge between the source and its user is built, is one of the most significant knowledge which the clients need to know. To stay ahead, it is necessary to meet the requirements of reliability and sustainability.

Whether you are a renewable or a non-renewable energy provider, it is significant to streamline your operation with the use of software solutions. Hudasoft has managed to delve deeply into this field while working with Brightsource and has come forward with efficient solutions. Their website was developed in such a way that it provided sufficient information to its clients allowing them to have their questions answered before making big decisions for their businesses. Brightsource, with our extensive correspondence, was able to empower themselves in a competitive field which helped them in building up a strong foundation for their business.


Online Stores

As there is a drastic shift towards the online world, it is quite evident that numerous businesses are motivated to make their online stores which can make them hit the target audience at a larger scale. And as these businesses grow, so does their need to optimize their functioning and with the relevant website, they can steer the engine according to their requirements. Hudasoft’s main aim is to provide such solutions to progressive ventures which can increase the transparency of the business and take it to the next level.

To ease the process, Hudasoft worked with Bembel to develop a highly convenient and user-friendly e-Commerce website for their clients. Their products were categorized as inaccessible groups which proved to be convenient for use. The website was created in such a way that it gives its users a hassle-free shopping experience. Our expertise was also explored by Leafy, a setup that offered synthetic succulents to add an aesthetic touch to your environment. We made a vibrant e-Commerce platform that reflected their business to appeal to customers while using efficient techniques to give them a pleasant experience while browsing through the website.

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