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Sealine Services


Sealine Services is a multinational logistics company that specializes in international freight forwarding and Sea Trade Business. They approached Hudasoft with a unique challenge - they required an intuitive and user-friendly digital financial management system that could address their complex financial obligations while protecting and managing their valuable data. Hudasoft took on the challenge and developed a comprehensive solution that met their requirements and exceeded their expectations.

Sealine Services was facing several challenges with its existing financial management system. They needed a solution that would allow them to easily manage their expenses, keep tabs on their budget, maintain records and balances of their vendors, generate invoices, deposit funds in the required location, and ensure that their valuable data was easily accessible for further manipulation. They wanted a system that would provide them with auto-calculated reports, provide backups to ensure the safety of valuable data, track sales, and a lot more.

Hudasoft developed an application for Sealine Services that addressed their unique challenges and provided a comprehensive solution that met their requirements. Our team employed cutting-edge technologies such as React,, and AWS to develop a robust and secure application that streamlined the company's financial operations.

Hudasoft's comprehensive financial management solution not only addressed Sealine Services' immediate needs but exceeded their expectations by offering additional features and functionality. The system gave them access to an unprecedented level of control and convenience, allowing them to manage their finances with ease and confidence. With our solution, Sealine Services was able to streamline its financial operations, reduce errors, and improve its overall efficiency. The system also provided them with auto-calculated reports, backups for valuable data, and enhanced security, which further solidified their reputation as a leading player in the competitive logistics industry.


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