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Bembel is a country-wide brand that found a groundbreaking strategy to engage its customers, establish its presence in a diverse market, and sign aspiring new clients.

Started by selling bags and bottles in a local retail shop in Karachi, Pakistan. Initially, the owners wanted to continue the traditional way of selling, but after the global pandemic, they resorted to more unconventional ways.
Bembel wanted to counteract the fall in revenues and asked us to devise an ideal solution while being time-responsive. Hudasoft offered Bembel the idea of a store experience within a website. We developed an E-Store for them, keeping their graphical and visual preferences in mind to stay true to the essence of the brand and give it a personal touch. The website offers features like bulk buying, store locators for easy access to your nearest store, and a lot of other options.
Needless to say, the new e-store experience helped Bembel grow by leaps and bounds in a rather short period.

Hudasoft developed an application for them that allowed them to manage their expenses, keep tabs on their budget, maintain records and balances of their vendors, get auto-calculated reports, provide backups to ensure the safety of valuable data, track sales, and a lot more.

We were able to provide them with a solution that not only met their needs but exceeded their expectations by offering additional features and functionality beyond what they had originally requested giving them access to a one-of-its-kind financial management solution at their fingertips.

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