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Statboard – From Playground to Boardroom

About the App

The StatBoard is a complete sports management system. Players can view their scores, matches, and tournaments and also socialize online with their friends and teams. Players can view their scores, matches, and tournaments and also socialize online with their friends and teams.
Location: North America

Identifying the Problem – Lack of a Holistic Platform for Sports Management

In the dynamic realm of sports management, the absence of a unified platform for player registration, event creation, and real-time score sharing posed a significant challenge. Hudasoft recognized the need for a comprehensive solution to address these complexities and enhance the experience for sports enthusiasts.

Envisioning the Solution

Hudasoft answered the call by developing The StatBoard, a versatile Sports Management System. Beyond seamlessly integrating player registration and event creation, The StatBoard empowers users to host sports events and offers a real-time score feature. This multi-faceted approach caters to the evolving expectations of sports enthusiasts and players.

Execution Breakdown

Kickstarting MVP Development

Since the idea was novel, our team suggested developing MVP to test the waters and lay the foundation for a solid product and the client agreed. Following that, our agile development team got together to start with the design and development.

Determining App’s Core Functionality

Conducting several meetings with the client, and the stakeholders and based on discussions with the sample of potential users, we determined the following core functionalities for the Statboard application.

Tournament management

  • Initiate a tournament (for registered businesses)
  • Options for players to join the tournament
  • Automated matchmaking
  • Live game coverage 

Record keeping

  • The record of pickup games and tournaments is maintained (and added to the individual overall scores of players involved)

Live coverage

  • Statboard also gives live coverage of the games being managed via the application, and allows followers to stay updated with their favorite team’s performance.

Current Standing

The MVP has been developed and is being tested. Since the project’s scope is limited to one sport only, and serves a very specific purpose, the feedback will be gathered over time, and form the basis for improvement in the product’s later iterations.

Deploying the MVP on Appropriate Platforms

As it stands, the interfaces for various users have been designed, developed, and deployed, accessible through mobile devices (iOS and Android), tablets, and web portals.

Tournament organizers, players and followers can access the starboard via mobile and web applications while the match referee can access the application via tablet with encrypted access.

What Does this Project Mean to Hudasoft?

With statboard, Hudasoft debuted the sports tech scene. Having developed it into a comprehensive solution, our team has gained a lot of exposure and deepened their understanding of sports tech. With a successful debut, Hudasoft looks forward to taking on projects of greater magnitude with varying functionalities and scopes.

The Technology Stack Used in this App

Cross-Platform Development

Flutter ensured a consistent user experience across iOS, Android, and web applications, enhancing accessibility for a diverse user base.

Backend Development

The robust and scalable .NET framework formed the core of The StatBoard ’s backend, facilitating efficient data processing and seamless integration of features

Database Management

SQL played a pivotal role in maintaining data integrity and handling the intricacies of player registrations, event details, and live sports scores.

Cloud Infrastructure

Leveraging Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform provided The StatBoard with scalability, reliability, and heightened security. This strategic choice allowed for seamless accessibility and real-time updates, crucial for sports enthusiasts.

Working with Hudasoft on our application development has been a game-changer for The StatBoard. Their team demonstrated exceptional technical expertise, attention to detail, and a clear understanding of our vision. They delivered a robust, user-friendly application that exceeded our expectations. From initial consultation to final deployment, Hudasoft's professionalism and dedication were evident every step of the way. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-notch application development
CEO and Founder, The StatBoard

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