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A Dealership Management Solution for the Automotive Industry

About the App

The IBIZI App easily connects vehicle owners directly to their dealership team. We provide a direct line of communication to make life easier for asking questions, scheduling service appointments, and even shopping for new, leased, or previously owned vehicles.
Location: North America

Challenge for the Car Dealers

Historically, automotive dealerships grappled with the challenge of establishing seamless contnections with consumers, leading to a fragmented customer experience. Manual processes, outdated technologies, and the absence of a centralized platform hindered communication and overall operational efficiency. To tackle the challenge, IBIZI’s founder got in touch with Hudasoft.

Envisioning the Solution

Client envisioned IBIZI as a bridge between dealerships and consumers that would leverage cutting-edge technology to not only streamline communication but also elevate customer engagement and optimize operational processes.

Execution Breakdown

Developing the MVP

Though the idea was solid and initial market research delivered promising results, developing a minimum viable product to test IBIZI in the real market seemed wise. Mobile App Development and Web App Development were in aim to launch in 90 days. 

Deciding on the Functionalities

 After several brainstorming sessions, we came up with a list of functionalities that would be essential for the MVP version of the Ibizi app.

– Communication (direct messaging and live chat between dealership
– Maintenance reminder 
– Multi-vehicle management (keeping track of maintenance histories and health of multiple vehicles owned user)
– Dealership management

Soft Launching the MVP

We released the MVP version of IBIZI to 3 dealerships in NYC, including Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and BMW.

Gauging the Market Feedback

The feedback provided by the dealers was quite helpful, as it addressed the gaps in the initial version which were addressed swiftly.

Responding to the Market Feedback

– Enhanced communication feature by adding the insurance representatives to ensure vehicle owner undergoes minimum hassle
– Added reward program for vehicle users that regularly used Ibizi app
– Enhanced maintenance reminders by adding more parameters for accurately gauging vehicle health
– Added the option to “register a new vehicle” on Ibizi app that is not already on record.

The Results

Enhanced Customer Engagement:

Dealerships experienced a significant improvement in engaging with customers, fostering a more connected automotive community.

Streamlined Operations:

IBIZI’s user-friendly interface and innovative features contributed to streamlined dealership workflows, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Enhanced Customer Engagement:

Consumers benefited from a more efficient and connected experience, thanks to IBIZI’s user-centric design.

What Does this Project Mean to Hudasoft?

IBIZI stands as a major project in our portfolio, and one that our team can be proud of. It reinforces our position as a development company that is here to solve major business problems through technology.

The Technology Stack Used in this App

Database Management

Powered by SQL, IBIZI employs a scalable and efficient database management system. This robust foundation handles extensive data generated by automotive transactions and customer interactions.

Development Stack

IBIZI utilizes a robust technology stack, incorporating .NET for backend development, React Native and React JS for dynamic and responsive front-end interfaces, and Swift for the iOS app development. This ensures a cohesive and seamless experience across various devices.

Cloud Infrastructure

Hosted on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform, IBIZI benefits from scalability, reliability, and enhanced security. This strategic choice ensures a resilient ecosystem for both dealerships and consumers.

Working with this team has been a game-changer for us at IBIZI. The APP they developed is user-friendly and reliable, making a big difference for our customers. Our new Web Portal is beautifully designed and easy to navigate, perfectly meeting our needs. The DMS system has streamlined our document handling, boosting our efficiency. Their expertise and dedication have truly elevated our business. Highly recommend!
Zeeshan Shaikh
CEO and Founder - IBIZI

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