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Life at Hudasoft

At Hudasoft, we strive to build a culture of equality and inclusivity by creating a sense of belonging for all employees, we are able to assemble a diverse and talented team.
This ultimately leads to a more enjoyable and productive work environment.

Transform Ideas into Reality

Lean start up Methodology followed by Hudasoft, MVP, Design/prototype, Idea, Roadmap

Our Values


We earn your trust by providing excellence & delivering the industry's most trusted infrastructure.


Together, we innovate. Fostering a culture of innovation gives our customers a competitive advantage.


We see you and we’re here for you!
We strive to be inclusive, listen to diverse perspectives, and empower people to succeed.

Customer Success

We succeed when our customers succeed. We provide the best products and services to ensure all our customers’ success.

Our Industries


Hudasoft has helped businesses in the ecommerce industry to optimize their online platforms and streamline their operations.

Real Estate

Hudasoft has developed cutting-edge technologies that have revolutionized the real estate industry.

Financial Solution

Hudasoft has worked with financial institutions to develop customized software solutions that have optimized their processes


Hudasoft has worked with logistics companies to optimize their supply chain and financial systems.


Hudasoft has developed innovative technologies for the automotive industry.

Food & Restaurant

Hudasoft has worked with restaurants to develop customized software solutions that have streamlined their operations.

CEO of Hudasoft

Azfar Siddiqui

Message from the CEO

"To Hudasoft, business is personal. We treat our clients and partners like family, always putting their best interests first. We're not afraid to take risks and innovate in order to provide them with the most promising solutions possible. They can count on us, to be honest, reliable, and hardworking. We'll always go the extra mile to exceed their expectations."

Azfar Siddiqui - Founder & CEO